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What are delivery drones?

How much weight can delivery drones carry?

How do commercial delivery drone services work?

What is the future of delivery drone technology?


If you have ever asked yourself these questions, then you have definitely come to the right place…

Chinese Delivery Drones with 15 kg Payload

Drone package deliveries at less than 0.5 yuan (7.6 U.S. cents) per parcel Chinese delivery drones with a payload of 10-15 kg are currently operating in Suqian City, China – JD[dot]com has two drones capable of handling 200 parcels a day. With a range of 15 to...

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Perhaps Maersk wants to deliver a 10 kg cookie?

Beyond cookie delivery >>> Maersk wants to deliver 10 kg packages over 10 kilometers via delivery drone In January, the company made a drone fly 250 meters from one of its barges to a tanker and drop off a batch of cookies. It’s now looking for a...

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Catalonia at the vanguard of drone development?

UAVs in Catalonia are highly ranked (4 out of the top 10 worldwide as per one research study). Reasons? Catalonia has extensive drone history (since the 1980’s) They have the BCN Drone Center (a specialist drone center with 2,500 hectares of segregated airspace...

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Drones in Japanese Golf Courses

Starting May 9, Rakuten will test drone deliveries on a golf course in Japan. The drones can provide food, snacks and small accessories (e.g. new golf balls) to players while they are out on the course between 8:30 am and 3 pm. Maximum parcel weight is 2 kg. Minimum...

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Google’s Talking Delivery Drone

“Caution: Stay Back,” the Google delivery drone might say… An April 25th patent outlines how Google’s tether-based delivery mechanism would be complemented by multi-colored warning lights and matter-of-fact voice commands. Will you be looking forward...

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How much weight can delivery drones carry?

Payload capacity is one of the major obstacles to full-fledged and profitable commercial drone delivery networks. The average weight UAVs roughly classified as commercial delivery drones can carry is approximately 4.8 lbs (2.2 kg). Below you will find a table/graphic comparing the payload capacity of top delivery drones…

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DHL Delivery Drones in Germany

The first autonomous delivery flight authorized in Europe was performed by DHL in Germany. Its purpose? To deliver medicine and other necessary goods to a small North Sea island…

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